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Becoming A Certified Ticket Broker
Get clients, show a clear direction for your business and advance your knowledge and reputation. With the respected Certified Ticket Broker Certification, watch your network bloom.

Reflect the high standard you wish to hold your business. By joining our association and earning the title of Certified Ticket Broker, you can instantly show your business in a more respectable light. It will exhibit striving for professionalism and the highest standards of our industry. It will pave the path toward becoming an industry leader and a contributor to your community. It will allow opportunities to become a mentor and facilitate growth toward the specific guidelines you feel are essential for our field. It is one big step toward cementing your professional profile and ensuring all of your clients are aware you hold yourself above the average contributor.

Code of Ethics

Credibility and trustworthiness are essential elements of earning continued business from your clients. Certified Ticket Brokers must follow our Code of Ethics, which clearly define how professional ticket brokers should conduct themselves within the industry.

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Continuing education is a major facet of maintaining your designation as a Certified Ticket Broker. Technology is ever evolving and the landscape of the ticket broker industry is constantly changing. You need to be at the forefront of this wave. Becoming certified ensures this will happen. With exclusive access to valuable training material and information to keep you up to date and on the cutting edge of the latest trends, it will assure this remains the case.

How to Become a Member

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The benefits of joining our association are numerous.

It will: